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Financial Education Workshops

Our financial education workshops cover a wide range of topics: from basic terms to applying for quick loans. We adjust the content to the students' ages and interests. Our facilitators assist young children and teenagers in exploring financial principles.

The sessions are up to 90 minutes and are organized to keep the participants involved. While we recommend in-person sessions, we have virtual class options, too. Most classroom activities have an online equivalent. Workshop participants have achieved similar results in both environments for the past year. We can create mixed sessions upon request, combining face-to-face and online classes.


All the topics that we have selected have practical applications. Students can implement what they learn and practice as soon as they walk out the door.

The Basic Principles of Financial Wellbeing

This is a set of 5 workshops of 90 minutes each. We use interactive activities and gamification to make the material memorable. The sessions teach students about:

  • Basic budget management;
  • Strategies to reduce debt;
  • Credit scores;
  • Asset-building;
  • Emergency funds;

Financial Wellbeing - Beyond the Basics

This series of classes spans over 5 or 6 lessons. The exact number depends on how familiar all students are with basic financial terms. During the one-hour sessions, students learn about:

  • Debt-to-income ratio;
  • Insurance;
  • Credit building;
  • Protecting oneself from financial scams.

Financial Security

Students enrolled in this course participate in 4 workshops of 90 minutes each. Participants develop practical skills to:

  • Differentiate between good credit and poor credit;
  • Maintain a good credit score;
  • Rebuild credit.

The Basics of Investing

More advanced students can benefit from information on making educated investment decisions. By attending the 4 workshops of 60 minutes each, participants learn about:

  • Compound interest;
  • Investing strategies;
  • Diversifying an investment portfolio;
  • Finding the right financial experts.

Bonus programs

We have launched a pilot program on loans. The trainers cover basic information on how different loans work. Our main focus is student loans, but we also cover personal loans and payday cash advances. Participants learn about payment options, rules, and regulations, as well as loan forgiveness. We recommend the bonus program after the students cover all previous levels.

If you are willing to provide your students with practical knowledge related to money management, book a workshop with our team of experts. We will exceed your expectations.